Vietnam Vinh Terrain - Vietnam: The Experience ArmA 3

Vietnam Vinh

143km x 143km with 71,680 x 71,680 resolution satellite image from ArcGIS world imagery (2 meters / pixel).


PMC Vietnam, Vinh Terrains Satellite Texture

Terrain Specifications

Heightmap grid size: 4096 x 4096
Cell size: 35m
Satellite texture resolution: 71,680 x 71,680 pixels
Satellite surface mask size: 1024 x 1024 pixels
Texture layer size: 140m x 140m


--- v0.1
- initial release

--- v0.1.1
- location names added
- srtm 0m or below water depths fixed to 0.25m (actual ground)

--- v0.2
- 3,028 vegetation objects added

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